Essay about Critical Analysis of Romeo and Juliet

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Critical analysis of Romeo and Juliet

This paper will compare the differences between Franco Zefferilli’s version and Baz Luhrmann’s version of Romeo and Juliet. The story of Romeo and Juliet is about two powerful households in Verona Italy; these households have had a grudge with each other for many years. During their fighting some how the son of the Montegues and the daughter of the Capulets fall in love with each other, and the family doesn’t like it at all. In 1968 Franco Zeffirelli released his version of Romeo and Juliet, and in 1996 Baz Luhrmann released his version of Romeo and Juliet. These two versions are different but this paper will explain five differences between the movies and the original text. Then it will include
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In the 1996 version the play was opened up in a gas station. I think that Luhrmann used the gas station because he thought that the characters need a place to meet up in besides in the middle of the street.
The other difference is the clothes in the 1996 version. Zefirelli used clothes that he thought that people wore back in the day. Maybe Luhrmann used those brightly colored silk shirts because at that point in time that was very popular, the Versace designed shirts. Also the third and most obvious difference is the race of the actors in the 1996 version. Baz Luhrmann used Black men to play the roles of Mercutio and the Prince. And he used a Puerto Rican man to play the role of Tybalt. Why did he do that? In the 1968 version Zeffirelli didn’t use any minorities in his version of Romeo and Juliet. Maybe the reason why is because in 1968 the civil rights movement was going on and America really didn’t consider blacks as human beings, so he probably didn’t put blacks on his version because of the time period. And lastly, the final death scene in the 1996 version was not like the 1968 version and also the original text. In the 1996 version, Luhrmann used a church for the death scene. Again I say that this version was more moderns because he used a church. In 1996 not a lot of people rich or poor were placed in a tomb so he made it look like they died in the church.
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