Critical Analysis of Staffinf Issues in Hsbc

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Critical Analysis of Selection Process and Staffing Issues of HSBC UK Bank

Table of Contents Executive Summary: 4 CHAPTER 1 5 1. Introduction 6 1.1. Company Profile: 12 1.2. Research Aim and Objectives 14 1.3. Research Question 14 1.4. Scope of the Study 15 1.5. Research Aim 15 1.6. Significance of Study 16 CHAPTER 2 18 2. Literature Review 19 2.1. Importance of Human Resource Management in an Organization: 20 2.2. Importance of Human Resource Management for the Employees: 21 2.3. Recent Changes in the Human Resource Management Approach: 23 2.4. Human Resource Management Issues on Top UK Organizations: 25 2.5. Benefits of the HR Modification Programs 34 CHAPTER 3 36 3. Methodology 37 3.1.
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As the strategic human resource management practices always take the leading role in resolving the issues related to any department or sector of the organization, the study focuses on proposing the new techniques and recommendation with this perspective.
Human Resource Management is a unique approach for proper implementations of employment management. This organization department aims to achieve competitive advantage with the use of strategic deployment of a highly dedicated and competent labor force, by means of an integrated selection of intellectual, structural and personnel methods. HRM is a specified department that deals directly with the employees as well as their concerns in regard with anything that has to do with the company. HRM aims to enhance employees’ contribution to the organization they are employed with by introducing programs for extensive training and culture management. It is whole new concept on management theory, practice and style. HRM is commonly depicted as the working body concerned with activities in association with the effective management of workers in an organization.
Business establishments heavily rely on a dependable human resource management to make certain that they employ and maintain highly competent employees and they ensure that they can quickly respond to any
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