Essay on Critical Analysis of "The Sinners" by Yusuf Idris

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Yusuf Idris’ novel, “The Sinners”, revolves around the murder investigation of a newborn baby found in an Egyptian farming village. The author not only does a fantastic job leading the reader through the daunting task of finding the unknown mother who committed the crime, but he also weaves a story about Egyptian cotton farming life during the 1950’s, the town’s peoples beliefs about sin and the sinner, and how one tragic event can lead a community to lay aside their differences and come together. This book is suitable for an Egyptian who has lived the life of a cotton farmer or for a person who has no real idea of Egypt or the many cultures that fill the country. Yusuf Idris paints a portrait for the mind that makes one feel like they…show more content…
The sin deals directly with the source of the sin, the sinner, therefore when the baby is found dead, the first issue is that the child must be bastard, and that the mother who killed it must be punished for her SIN (“crime” is synonymous with sin in this time and belief system). The abolition of the sin and the sinner is the driving force behind the never-ending search for the source of the crime, and the sin especially. The author makes sure to end the novel on a positive note, leaving the reader with a sense of peace and better understanding that even in the strictest of circumstances, compassion is not blind. In the midst of trying to cut off their noses to spite their faces, they hope and pray not to be amongst the culprit; let it dare not be one of them. But when the details of the crime come to light, the author makes sure to show that no matter how against the sin the peasants were, their emotions could not be shielded from the heartbreaking scene of the dying woman who killed her child. He displays the fact that humans from every walk of life are not immune to empathy, and that in the end, we are all more alike than we are different. In conclusion, “The Sinners” by Yusif Idris is not merely a murder mystery. From page one to the end, the author engages the reader in a tale of life an Egyptian cotton farming community, the beliefs that are the backbone of their existence, and
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