Critical Analysis of a Sequence from FANTASIA Essay

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Critical Analysis of a Sequence from FANTASIA

All of the animation that was used in Fantasia was hand drawn. The scene that we are analysing is the first one right at the very beginning. This was when the elephants and hippos are floating on bubbles and then one of the hippos' lands on the floor on a bed, then the crocodiles come along.

The way that each and every one of the slides was so smooth was because they used a technique which was very similar to ghosting that we now use on the computers except they traced each slide onto a piece of tracing paper as well as normal paper, they would then place each one on top of the other so that they would be able to see where all of the animations
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This would suggest to the viewer that the crocodiles are bad and evil. The hippos are more of a soft brown colour which suggests that they are good and calm. Also the fact that the hippo was wearing a pink tutu which suggests that she is sweet and innocent.

The shape of the crocodiles is much more tense and square than the hippo. When all of the crocodiles surround the hippo they stand in a square, with their shoulders up. The crocodiles are much more sharp and quick. They are also of a flat shape and everything is in 2D. The hippos are more of a round and smooth shapes, also the bubbles that they float on are round with soft edges. A circle shape is used for hippos to show that they are good and gentler.

There are many example of when shadows are used in this animation. The first time we really notice a shadow is when the crocodiles are creeping along the wall. The shadows of the crocodiles are much bigger than the crocodiles them selves. This would make them seem more frightening and evil. Also it would make them seem more intimidating as they were up high looking down with a huge shadow casting behind them. The spotlight that is on the hippo is circular to show the gentleness and the goodness, but then this disappears when the crocodiles form a square around her. But when
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