Critical Analysis of a Wagner Matinee Essay

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Ben Braden Mr. Tatge Advanced Composition (1) 24 April 2013 Critical Analysis The Other Side of Love “For those I love I will sacrifice” is a quote by - ("Cite it somewhere"). Many people in life come upon the problem of thinking they found love, but actually lose another love in the process. Willa Cather employs this situation as she uses the character Aunt Georgiana to illustrate how Georgiana must do this while pursuing the love of a man in her famous short story “A Wagner Matinée.” On top of Aunt Georgiana losing love, Cather implements the facts of the hard life people on the frontier have to live. Aunt Georgiana gives up her true love of music for the upstart love of a man to only later realize what great sacrifice she has…show more content…
She loves music more than anything, and it ended up being taken from her as she makes sacrifices living on the frontier. She then said to Clark, “Oh! dear boy, pray that whatever your sacrifice be it is not that.” Cather then reinforces her point by having Aunt Georgiana tell Clark to not love music for that is the worst sacrifice he could ever have to make. Then as Clark contemplates taking her to the symphony he thinks to himself that hopefully her love of music is almost gone so that her struggle will mercifully end at last. Cather uses this little part to show that Georgiana has had a difficult struggle in losing the music that had once filled her life. She also uses this to show that even though she has been without music for so long it is still a huge part of her life that is just missing right now. Finally, with tears flowing down her face like a waterfall, Aunt Georgiana sobs, “I don’t want to go, Clark, I don’t want to go!” She is finally reunited with her true love music and she is not ready to leave, at least not just yet. That is why she is sobbing; not because she does not want to leave the opera house, but the fact

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