Critical Analysis of the Challenges Faced by Au in Achieving Continental Unity

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The advent of the African Union (AU) can be described as an event of great magnitude in the institutional evolution of the continent. On 09 September 1999, the Heads of State and Government of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) issued a Declaration (the Sirte Declaration) calling for the establishment of an African Union, with a view, to accelerating the process of integration in the continent to enable it play its rightful role in the global economy while addressing multifaceted social, economic and political problems compounded as they are by certain negative aspects of globalisation . AU was started under the auspicious of OAU objectives and a lot of its objectives were advanced from that of OAU.
The main objectives of the OAU
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African continent has been surrounded in many conflicts since the end of Second World War (WW2), partly due to colonization, struggle for power, strive for self governance, wars of liberations, abolition of apartheid among others. The Africans all along had been waiting for an opportunity to air their views and fight back the colonial rule. There was a latent heat in Africa that was waiting to ignite conflicts in those areas that Africans were being oppressed. It is important therefore to think that latent conflict is ongoing in varying degrees of intensity, whether or not the issues are clearly formulated. This approach best describe the African phenomenon where the causes of conflicts are many and complex, including poor governance, poverty, drought, famine, competition for scarce resources, and identity-based rivalries resulting to an adverse impact on economic development in the region. The impact of violent conflict has manifested itself psychologically, physically, and economically, going beyond the material and affecting the lives of thousands of women, children, and men. AU therefore, came at a time when it was most desired. The African continent needed a powerful organ that cans unit different regions, races, tribes and people from different religious background and creed. AU has become the best hope that the African continent is hanging
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