Critical Analysis of the Clift Village Shopping Centre Project Management Plan

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Critical analysis of the Clift Village Shopping Centre Project management plan


Executive Summary
This paper has been prepared to critical analyse the project management plan (PMP) of the Clift Project Village shopping centre barrier guard upgrade. The shopping centre multistorey car park was audited by its public liability insurer and they deemed the perimeter barrier fence not compliant to Australia standards and a danger to the public, the fence had to be replaced with a complaint fence. TJA was approached to fix the problem which it completed with an Ingal anti-climb system with an integrated car barrier.
The paper discuss the need and justification of the PMP for this construction project, areas that are
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If a car were to break through the fence it may result in a serious injury of death to the vehicle occupants and/ or pedestrians, as well as significant property damage”(Chubb, 2010) The insurer recommended that a compliant barrier system be installed to bring it up to Australian and QBSA standards.
TJA was approached by Ingal civil who manufactures the anti-climb barrier system and asked if we would take on the project, from that point TZM dealt with the client.
The anti-climb barrier system is a Armco barrier with a integrated handrail and mesh fill built into the system, which prevents a person from climbing over the barrier or stops a vehicle penetrating the barrier, which is ideal for this situation.

3.0 Project Management plan
3.1 Nature of venture
This section will justify that the Clift project is a project and not an operation, also how the management of the project is effect by this.
The definition of a project is “a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product or service. Temporary means every project has a definite beginning and an end. Unique means that the product or service is different in some distinguishing way from all other products or services”.(Project Management Institute., 2008)
The Clift shopping centre project is a project in that it is a one off work package that will never be completed on that site again in a identical process, for example if a section of barrier guard had to be pulled down every six months and then put
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