Critical Analysis of the Role of Ombudsman: Special Reference to India

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Critical Analysis of the Role of Ombudsman: Special Reference to India INTRODUCTION “It is not wisdom alone but public confidence in that wisdom which can support an administration” – Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe, 1824 This statement accentuates the eminence of public trust in a system as a test of its administrative efficiency. Any good administrative system has to be responsible and responsive to the public. Unfortunately with the power bestowed on the bureaucrats it happens more than often that advertently or inadvertently they try to manipulate or deceive the common man. Arbitrary, unjust, unfair, improper and selfish exercise of power by public servants who enjoy power, results into advantage to one and disadvantage to…show more content…
So far as corruption is concerned, after completion of his book, “The Decline of Rome Empire” Edward Gibbon, the Great Historian, Writer and Philosopher was asked to reply in one word the reason for the decline Roman Empire, he remarked “Corruption.” Corruption in a civilized society, is described “disease like cancer which if not detected in time is sure to malign the polity of a country leading to disastrous consequences.” Pylee points out: "Corruption at the bureaucratic level operated like a subterranean monster, aiding, abetting and colluding with the political bosses. Service to the public has long given way to careerism with a work culture of 19th century aristocracy dealing with the citizens as subjects.” Burke cautioned, “Among people, generally corrupt, liberty cannot last long". [6] DCM Yardly (1986) defined ‘maladministration as complaints tainted with : (a) nepotism, corruption or bias; (b) failure to observe a sound administrative basis; (c) negligence in carrying out a duty; (d) misuse of discretion; (e) incompetence; (f) loss of documents or papers; (g) tardiness and delay; (h) unjust segregation or discrimination; or (i) any similar matters. Hence Corruption and Mal-administration go hand in hand. While the former defeats the very concept of a civilised society,

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