Critical Appraisal Of A Qualitative Research Article

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Critical appraisal of a qualitative research article. The qualitative article being appraised is by Martin and Woods (2012) using the CASP tool qualitative framework (CASP 2013). These tools have been validated to ensure that studies can be assessed in a consistent way assessing the trustworthiness of the research article (Aveyard, 2014) Qualitative research can often be labelled as biased and anecdotal however Anderson (2010) argues that when carried out rigorously it can be unbiased, in-depth and creditable, in fact becoming a leading research method for evidence based nursing. White (2006) explains that when the research is based on people’s perceptions then qualitative research is appropriate, it aids in developing an understanding for peoples understanding, feelings values and opinions. Qualitative research seeks to develop explanations for social trends/events, thus encouraging detail and depth whilst creating openness (Bamberger, 2000). In addition IVONNE (2004) reasons that qualitative research gives brand new insights by providing differing ideas on current practices. On the other hand, Abawl (2008) highlights that data collection can be very time consuming, open to interpretation and consequently influenced by researcher bias. CASP sets out a series of questions that can be used to critically appraise qualitative research, and help to identify if the article contains bias, is relevant and creditable. The purpose of the study was to investigate the motivation of
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