Critical Appraisal Of A Research

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Josiah Wilkes EHPS590 Critical Appraisal Word count = 2977 Critical Appraisal Byrne , C., (2012), Jeesis is alive! He is the King of Australia: segregated religious instruction, child identity and exclusion. British Journal of Religious Education. 34 (3) pp. 317-331. This paper outlines a critical appraisal for a research paper conducted by Cathy Byrne (2012). Byrnes’ paper is an exploratory case study into the impact of segregated religious instruction in public schools. She argues that segregated religious instruction influences identity development and may lead to exclusionary behaviours in students. This essay argues that Byrnes’ use of an exploratory research design is an appropriate and useful approach as this method provides the researcher with a greater understanding of the topic and allows the researcher to gain clarity in defining the nature of the research problem (Manerika & Manerika , 2014, p.95). It also helps Byrne define a problem statement for her future research. However, the nature of this approach is associated with significant limitations, which in Byrnes paper, were coupled with problems in the research title and method that affected the believability and validity of the study. There are also issues with the overall argument of the paper which is based on the assumption that Special Religious Education in Australian schools are segregated without defining segregation or adequately proving that grouping students by religious identity for religious
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