Critical Appraisal Of The Literature Essay

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Critical Appraisal of the Literature
Search Methods
The databases of EBSCOhost, Google Scholar, and Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature with full text were used to identify evidence-based research concerning the issue of nurse faculty shortage and strategies for dealing with the problem. Identifying keywords selected for the search were nurse faculty shortage, nurse faculty, nurse faculty shortage solutions, and global nurse faculty shortage. Published articles chosen for review fell between 2010 and 2015. Sixty articles matched the key terms in the initial search. From these sixty, eleven of the most relevant and appropriate articles were selected, evaluated, and are discussed within following the review of literature.
Similarities and Differences Presently, similarities and differences are found when comparing sources that document the importance of finding a solution for the nurse faculty shortage. Most sources do share a similar idea that both retention and recruitment of faculty members contribute to the shortage. According to Nardi and Gyurko (2013), focusing efforts on recruitment and retention is key in building the power of the nursing professions’ education structure from a worldwide perspective. Schoening (2013) documented the importance of recruitment and retention practices when addressing the shortage of nursing faculty. Furthermore, Schoening (2013), Tourangeau et al. (2014), Berent and Anderko (2011), Candela, Gutierrez, and
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