Critical Appreciation Of The Passage By Daphne Du MariteccaBy Daphne Du Maurier

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Write a Critical Appreciation of the passage (Rebecca (1936), by Daphne du Maurier), relating your discussion to your reading of the gothic

The gothic extract, Rebecca (1936), by Daphne du Maurier is an excellent and insightful passage because of how it uses the key gothic concepts like fear, foreboding and dark setting, but also exhibits a romanticism in such darkness. This first person narrative, recalling the events of a dream, describes the protagonists visit to the seemingly gloomy and unpleasant Manderley. The extract heavily uses gothic concepts such as horror, the sublime, the uncanny, the supernatural and obscurity to induce a foreboding fear of Manderley. The unnamed protagonist has a deep connection with Manderley, romantic and threatening in its nature. Through the use of typical gothic themes and romanticism, Du Maurier creates a complex novel highlighting the fears and attachments of the individual towards a setting.

At the beginning of the passage, the audience is told that this passage was just a dream. This transitions to the opening paragraph describing the protagonists entrance past the gates to Manderley, and in a supernatural way surpassing her dilemma. As the protagonist makes their way to Manderly, we see how the elements wild unkept powers of nature, fuelled by the supernatural, have taken back the path to manderly, suggesting more sinister powers have been conceived in the dark nebulous setting of manderly. Trees encroaching the road, dark and

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