Critical Aspects Of Managing Hospitality Properties

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This essay is conducted for the purpose of bringing into view three amongst critical aspects of managing hospitality properties. Specifically, the reflection on supervisory functions of room division is firstly taken into account, followed by an evaluation on the deployment of security measures at hotels. Last but not least, the significance of technology to the run of hotel business is discussed in further details in the scope of this report.
Reflection upon supervisory functions of rooms division
To commence, the focus of this very first section is placed on the discussion concerning the supervision functions of room division, as well as the role of supervisors to the run of this division in other words. In general, rooms division is basically made up by such sub-departments as front office and housekeeping. Front office is often referred to as the heart of the house, which not only plays the role of communication hub and revenue generating department, but also bears responsibility for first and last impression of guests as well as their satisfaction during their stay with the properties. Meanwhile, housekeeping could also be taken as an integral and elementary part contributing to the total experience and satisfaction of guests. (Fallon & Rutherford, 2011) Acknowledging the high level of interaction between guests and those working under the management of rooms division, as well as the dependence of service quality perceived by guests on these
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