Critical Assessment And Intervention Of Critical Care Nursing

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Critical care nursing is an intense area of nursing. The RNs care for patients that need close assessment and intervention. Working in a CCU requires advanced skills. The nurses that work in the critical care unit have to be very precise. Treatment and care of critical patients is very complex. Critical care or intensive care nursing staff must have more training than other general nursing staff. They have to be prepared to care for patients with critical needs around the clock rather than more stable patients. Most RNs are required to have a BSN degree or certification for critical care. As most fields do, the critical care nurse is required to compete continuing education yearly. The nursing staff in the critical care unit are required to do multiple tasks. For example, recording vital signs, assess function of ventilators, equipment, and monitors. The nurse also, administers medications prescribed, maintain IV patency, assess need and accomplishments of medications/ fluids. The nurse works with other nursing staff to complete care for all CCU patients. In case of situations requires life saving measures, the nurse performs the tasks, at the same time being aware of standards/ protocols posted by the hospital. While the patient is admitted, the nurse is required to perform teaching, provide support, and advocate the patients. Throughout all the treatment, the nurse is assessing the patient and following/ adding to the care plan designed for the particular patient. In
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