Critical Assessment Findings Using The Abcde Framework

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Critical Care Report

Patient scenario- A 65 year old man has been admitted to the intensive care unit, from a ward, with left ventricular Failure (LVF).
This essay will identify the patient’s condition and the physiological changes as well as explaining the assessment findings using the ABCDE framework. It will discuss the current treatment for the patient; offering rational for choosing a specific treatment which will be supported by literature. Lastly it will include a discussion of how understanding of the care requirement of critically ill patients will influence my practice in the future.
Heart failure is defined as the heart being unable to pump properly to maintain circulation and body’s metabolic needs causing altered tissue perfusion. LVF occurs when the left ventricles are incapable of meeting cardiovascular demands by losing its ability to pump due to reduced contractile function leading to reduced cardiac output and peripheral perfusion. As the blood flow is reduced around the body; it begins building up in left atrium and then in lungs causing pulmonary oedema, dyspnoea and eventually right ventricular failure.
There is reduced contractility because the heart muscles are damaged and are less efficient due to increased workload and lack of sufficient oxygen.Thus the interaction between actin and myosin proteins which controls the force of contraction is reduced.The myocardium is a special heart muscle made up of myofibrils; containing repeating

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