Critical Assessment Of An Essay

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Critical Assessment When writing an essay it is essential to allow for the piece to develop and become its own organic living being. The author must allow for the paper to make mistakes therefore it can review itself and correct any confusion. This procedure of making and amending blunders can occur as many times as possible for the paper to fully evolve. Thenceforth the author must be able to look objectively at their essay and evaluate how effectively the message is being portrayed. The capability to adequately evaluate and reflect upon one 's essay is what separates the good essays from the superb ones. The essential criteria to what makes a good essay is an accomplished thesis statement, lively transitional wording, and impactful verb choices. While examining my first essay i quickly identified its shortcomings relative to my essential criteria. It was clear to me that my thesis statement lacked directness and did not properly engage the reader. It was too narrow in scope, while, correspondingly failing to provide the reader with direction for the rest of the paper. The thesis was probably the main downfall of the entire essay because it was difficult to tie in what i was writing back to a weak thesis statement. Additionally the paper had close to zero transitional phrases and when they did appear they seemed awkward and forced. This resulted in an essay that felt choppy and probably was uncomfortable for the reader to process. The reason for having transitional words
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