Critical Assessment Of An Self Reflection

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The content of this course has been informative, interesting, and helpful in regards to critical self-reflection. Several summers, I have spent in the North woods of Wisconsin working at a summer camp. We have campers from ages 6 to 15 years old. Because of the pretty serious difference in ages of kids, the staff puts on an “ages and stages” class where we learn about many of the things that this course covered. Much like those classes, this course has been illuminating. The things I have learned will be critical in understanding the physical, mental, and emotional stages of not only my campers, but also everyone I meet in different stages of life. I think that being able to understand where somebody is at in their development will prove to be a useful tool in relating to them and setting expectations for them.

Learning about birth and infancy was very helpful for me. While it mainly focused on the neonate and the mother, the father’s role manifested in my mind: being supportive, knowledgeable, helpful, sensitive, and most importantly, prepared. I think many men think that this part of life is supposed to be the responsibility of the mother but I think that is foolish. This course helped me realize how critical it will be to have at least a rudimentary understanding of birth and infancy and the stages of each. In fact, it seems shocking to me that there are so many parents starting that journey with essentially no knowledge of those stages, especially regarding teen…
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