Critical Assessment Of Teaching Elementary Students

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Literature Review In today’s education world, there is a glaring lack of effectiveness of teachers in teaching elementary students to be successful when solving word problems. Evidence of a need for improvement in this area is low standardized test scores on these types of problems as well as poor student attitudes toward even attempting these types of problems (Benko, Loaiza, Long, Sacharski, & Winkler, 1999). A recent study indicated that today’s assessment of mathematics has progressively become an assessment of student’s ability to interpret and perform problems rather than an assessment of computation skills (Pearce, Bruun, Skinner, & Lopez-Mohler, 2013). Furthermore, the authors stated that in studying the 2009 state released test,…show more content…
Research shows that although students can read the words in the problems, many struggle with determining the root information and are incapable of developing an appropriate number sentence or equation (Van Klinken, 2012). The same author goes on to report that research over a period of decades demonstrated that students who are weaker at solving problems can be taught to be successful. To address the problem-solving issues within classrooms, elementary teachers need to be aware of what strategies or professional developments they can implement to increase student knowledge, such as applying CGI lessons in with their teaching. Another thing to consider when investigating the issue of success with word problems in a math classroom is the gender difference. Whether male and female students learn material differently and solve problems differently would be necessary to take into consideration when deciding how best to teach these math skills. A study of gender differences investigated whether there were significant differences in the ways boys and girls solved word problems. The study showed that there were no significant differences between the number of correct responses between male and female
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