Critical Business Analysis of Highland Spring Bottled Water

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Highland Spring Bottled Water: Marketing bottled water to the next generation of consumers Introduction Highland Spring is the UK's largest producer of bottled water. On its website, Highland Spring advertises: "We've been drawing our natural spring water from the same protected land in the Ochil Hills, Perthshire, Scotland since 1979. But the special rock formations below, which make Highland Spring as pure as can be, are the same today as they were 400 million years ago" (About us, 2012, Highland Spring). The company stresses both the 'oldness' of its brand and also its Britishness, given the connection it has to Scotland, the British Isles in general, and rock formations that have existed for millions of years. "In 1503, King James IV of Scotland announced that the local beer, made with water drawn from the same land as Highland Spring, was to be his Coronation Ale" (About us, 2012, Highland Spring). Highland Spring also capitalizes upon organic trends in its marketing, stressing that all of its water is certified organic and that the company is careful to preserve the environment in the way in obtains its water. "An extraordinary 15 years trickling its way through the basalt" is required to make the perfect water (About us, 2012, Highland Spring). This paper will use two common marketing rubrics SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) and PESTLE (political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental positioning) to analyze the

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