Critical Care Nursing : An Analysis Of A Complicated Profession

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Critical-Care Nursing: An Analysis of a Complicated Profession Nicholas D’Amario Carroll Community College The massive field of nursing is broken down into over one hundred specialties and subspecialties that each have a unique background and certain set of requirements and skills specific to the job. Critical Care is an area within nursing that aims to care for the most vulnerable and ill of patients. Nurses working in critical care units are typically highly skilled and have acquired many years of experience working in different nursing areas. As with nearly all areas of nursing, the field of critical care has a governing organization that sets the standard for practice and maintains current evidence based research to uphold these standards to its members. The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, AACN, is the organization that outlines the scope of practice for critical care nurses and provides continued educational opportunities for its members to expand their knowledge and stay current on advancements within the field. The origin of critical care nursing stems from a time in healthcare when there was a drive to bring together the needs of ill patients and rapidly growing medical knowledge. During the 1950s and 60s, nurses began to adapt their practice to better care for the needs of a person who is physiologically unstable or at risk of dying. According to Fairman and Lynaugh (2000), this was the beginning of what would eventually become a field
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