Critical Chain By Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt

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Summary of Critical Chain novel Critical Chain is a novel that wrote by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt. In the Novel, he used novel mode to describe that how to use Critical Chain Theory to fix manage problem. Specially, he used common sense and logical deduction to give us a clearly description about the complex manage problems. This special is interested me a lot that attract me to fail into the story that can follow Dr. Goldratt’s ideas. In the book, Dr. Goldratt talks about how a professor trying to attain his tenure at a university’s business school. Dr. Glodratt acted as the professor to show us how the teaching philosophy could be changed and how to apply the Theory of Constraints to project management. This novel has many surprises for me that give me a lot of opinion about project management and I got many points to think about what I need to be. In the book, the author talked about the reasons which cause the project schedule delay. The author used a problem called students syndrome which happens in the students, and also I think it’s normal happening in employee community. In students life, there is a phenomenon happens a lot. When the professors assign homework, such as if a homework could be finished in one week, but most of times the students will ask for two weeks to finish which mean that the students like to have longer time to make sure they have enough times. In this case, if the professor agrees the request to make the due date in two weeks, what will happen? The
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