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• 1. Critical Path Method and Critical Chain Project ManagementProject schedule plan is the main plan included in any Project Management Plan. Project schedule isresponsible for bringing project time, cost and quality under control. Project schedule links resources,tasks and time line together. Once a Project Manager has list of resources, work breakdown structure(WBS) and effort estimates, he is good to go for planning project schedule. Schedule networkanalysis helps Project Manager to prevent undesirable risks involved in the project. Critical PathMethod (CPM) and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) are key elements of schedule networkanalysis. In the following sections we will
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• 3. CCPM is based on:- Resource constrained situations.- Optimum use of Buffer (amount of time added to any task to prevent slippage of schedule) o Project Buffers (PB): Amount of buffer time at the end of the project. o Feeding Buffers (FB): Amount of buffer time at the end of a sequence of tasks. o Resource Buffers (RB): It is an alert that is used to indicate that resource is needed to perform a task. This alert can be set few days before a resource is actually needed.CCPM Example:We will consider the same example that was explained in section Critical Path Method Example.CCPM can be applied using following three steps:1. Remove safety time and reduce tasks durations by 50%.Project Duration = Task1+Task2+Task3+ Task6 = 3+2+1+4 = 10 Days.Note:• All safety time durations are removed. For example 1 day lag after Task 2 and 4 days after Task5 are removed.• All tasks durations are reduced to half (50%). For example Task 1 is 3 Days instead of 6 days.2. Create schedule on Late Finish dates and Remove resource constraints and identify critical chain.Project Duration = Task1+Task2+Task5+ Task6 = 3+2+2+4 = 11 Days.Note:• Task3, Task4 and Task 5 are moved to start from Late Finish dates.• Task2 and Task5 are to be done by resource R2 and so that aligned to remove resource constraints.
• 4. 3. Add Project Buffer of 50% of the tasks duration and add Feeder buffer to non critical chain.Project Duration = Task1+Task2+Task5+ Task6 + PB
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