Critical Conflict Between Teachers At The Reynoldsburg City School And The School Board

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Due to an ongoing conflict between teachers at the Reynoldsburg City school and the school board, many teachers have decided to strike. When the strikers experienced a lack of support from the board, and even from the community, Emily Dillon, one of the strikers, decided to write an explanation. The primary source that she created was published on Her piece is titled ‘“WHY I CHOSE TO STRIKE”: Reynoldsburg, OH, teacher shares her story.’ Throughout this primary source, Emily Dillon, an elementary school teacher and employee of the Reynoldsburg City Schools, goes into a considerable amount of detail about a day in the life of being on strike. In doing so, she explains to readers the main reasons they are striking and expresses her frustrations towards these issues. Dillon makes it very obvious that she does not enjoy striking and in fact misses her job very much, even if some of her arguments about class sizes, are flawed and or poorly written. Dillon first explains why she is writing about her decision to strike and makes it very clear that there is nothing “fun” about being on strike. The main demands of the protesting teachers are smaller class sizes, more planning time, and getting rid of merit based pay. In response to people criticizing Dillon for her decision to strike, Dillon writes, “To an extent, you’re right, I did make that choice. Except in this case, the choice was the lesser of two evils. So if I’m willing to stop doing a job I love, a
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