Critical Cuistice Analysis, The Study Of Language

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According to Hugh Trappes-Lomax (2004), discourse analysis is the study of language that is viewed communicatively or the study of communication that is viewed linguistically. Under the discourse analysis, the analysts analyse the concepts of “language in use, the language above or beyond the sentence, language as meaning in interaction, and language in situational and cultural context”. By carrying out the discourse analysis, the analysts seek to explore the relation that exists between the various elements that are present in the situation; such as the participants of the conversation, the cultural backgrounds of the participants, the relationship between the participants, the setting of the conversation/discourse, the situation and the linguistic choices that are made in the process of the discourse (Dijk, 1995). Though discourse analysis cannot be tied down to a single definition, some of the most prominent ones are as follows;
“The linguistic, cognitive and social processes whereby meanings are expressed and intentions interpreted in human interaction” (Jaworski, 1999)
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Hall (1996) describes critical discourse analysis as;
“Critical discourse analysis begins from the assumption that systematic asymmetries of power and resources between speakers and listeners, readers and writers can be linked to their unequal access to linguistic and social resources. In this way, the presupposition of critical discourse analysis is that institutions like schools act as gatekeepers of mastery of discursive resources: the discourses, texts, genres, lexical and grammatical structures of everyday language
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