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In my opinion critical disposition is to look at something from more than one angle. Be open to new idea’s and not accept the first theory or concept that you are told. Create your own way of thinking and not be the type to follow a crowd.
Critical disposition – a tendency to be critical
“A critical disposition is a tendency to self-reflect and change one’s views when required, a willingness to question orthodoxy and challenge ignorance and injustice, and an awareness of which approach is the most appropriate in a given situation.”

My incident took place in the very first lecture of LAWS1112, when our lecturer quoted Johnston. Although the lecture was based around what makes a critical lawyer, and the necessary skills
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There is no such thing as anti racism, but instead the colour of your skin or nationality means the difference between having a free pass, or working on the street for barely a wage such as 4 Australian dollars a day. Developing critical disposition on the idea that law can not be changed as this was my main trail of thought when discussing equality.


The question who benefits from the law got me thinking. Was Australian Law like this in some ways? Corrupt and only benefiting the higher class, or was their slave labour but in a different context. What was the definition of critical disposition and how was I to develop it? Did what we say go under scrutiny, or were there things that we weren’t allowed to think about?
All questions that went through my head the entire lecture. I had never grown up in a western country and the idea of having laws that actually made a difference seemed almost strange and unfamiliar. It was quite difficult for me to look at the law without being negative or sceptical. Developing critical disposition was meant to be about thinking in a different way, yet growing up somewhere where change just doesn’t happen and the ruling class are never challenged. I found it hard to believe that a person or group could actually change the way people think today. I mean, if this was possible then wouldn’t feminism be long gone and equal rights be the basis of our society? “If you want to make enemies try and change something”
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