Critical Essay: Motivation Can Improve Team Outcomes

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Length: 2,552 words Critical Essay: Motivation can improve team outcomes After eight weeks of working with a group of six members, the most important learning experience was learning how to use motivation in a group work. Accurately apply motivation can improve team work efficiency and outcomes. This essay will provide a critical thinking about how to use motivation in a group and discuss which aspect need improvement when apply motivation in a group. In this task, will be concentrate on three areas to reflection and analysis about how to apply motivation in a group. They are ‘managing groups and teams’, ‘planning’ and ‘leadership’. From these three areas to disclose some practical experiences, and make these practical experience…show more content…
Such as person join a group, that group’s goal with the person’s goal same, and also people join a group because that group can satisfy people’s needs. Bosso (2003, pp399-403) claims that the reason of some organisation fail is because lots of organisational members leave organisation and find a new job in other organisations. Because the original organisation cannot give members lots of benefits, these benefits most are in terms of money. The organisation not has loyal members because it not has motivation to keep original members and attract new members. From the evidence, it can be see that people’s motivation to join an organisation is a really important factor for organisational success. If an organisation not have some special things to attract people, so people will be not join this group, because they are not have motivation to join the organisation. The organisation will be lost lots of talents and ultimately lead to failure. Our group work in week 2, we are also have some motivation to join a group. I am an international student, so I am joined a group have many local students. My motivation to join a group have many local students is because local students have language and cultural advantages, and also we all have a same task goal. This can make my work easier and more easily to achieve my task goals. With local students work together also can improve my English. So, my motivation to join that group is
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