Critical Essay on "How Do I Love Thee?"

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Final Critical Essay What is love? Love knows no reasons. Love knows no lies. Love defies all reasons. Love has no eyes. Love is not blind; it sees but it doesn't mind. Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. Love is so easy to feel, so hard to explain; easy to get, so hard to let go; easy to spell, so hard to define. Love is an emotion that consists of three components; intimacy, passion and commitment, it is an emotional and physical feeling which takes over your whole state of mind and how you feel. There are many definitions and views of love, and the Merriam-Webster dictionary has ten definitions for love in it but it seems as though it doesn’t have any good definitions of love. However I carefully searched…show more content…
Both the poem itself, "How do I love thee?" and its subject, love, are important parts of the world, stuff everybody else knows about, something even you might know about. Throughout the poem, Browning has incorporated a great quantity of religious words to present indication of the strength of the love she is expressing. She also combined conceptual descriptions of love with concrete visual images, which more fully explicate her feelings. The abstract descriptions show the power of these feelings, while the concrete images give an idea of the strength, honesty, and beauty of the love she is expressing. A more specific reason you might want to consider this poem, is, if you've ever had a crush on someone, fallen head-over-heels for a girl, or felt a warm fuzzy affection for a guy, then you've probably wondered how exactly this whole "love" thing works. Nevertheless, we all know that people fall in and out of love, but how does it work while you're in it? What kinds of love are there, and how and when do they happen? And what if you love someone in many different, conflicting ways? These are eternal human questions, and they're the questions Browning asks and tries to answer with this sonnet. To grasp the true meaning of this poem, a dramatic approach is the method used for this critical analysis. Mainly trying to focus the attention on the story behind the poem, more so, the story the poem
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