Critical Evaluation Of A Project Management

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In project management, there are different methods to get it completed with success. Some projects failed due to poor planning or poor decision making by the project manager. However, according to Harold Kerzner, “Today, excellent companies realize that project failures have more to do with behavioral shortcomings – poor employee morale, negative human relations, low productivity, and lack of commitment.” (377). Today, project managers are to focus on situational leadership, which is known to be effective in project management. Situational leadership refers to the leader of the project who must adjust his style of leadership to the team members’ personalities. It is important for leaders to focus on their behavior towards the team, such as “tolerance of external events and tolerance of people’s personalities.” (Kerzner 378). There have been managers that had to change their leadership style from traditional to situational leadership to lead their team to success. To be successful, it is a mixture of a person’s experience and personality with his or her style of leadership. Once the decision has been established and shared by the project manager, the project manager is recognized to possess strong behavioral skills and are presumably having a successful project. Additionally, a project manager who maintains a strong behavioral skills delegate the responsibilities. They are in all likelihood to be accountable for the team, and the result of the project. According to Jessica
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