Critical Evaluation Of Both Positions Essay

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Critical Evaluation of Both Positions
The interpretation of LRE where emphasis is placed on social inclusiveness for students with disabilities have long been the topic of intense debate. The argument that by moving closer toward a general education setting, students with disabilities would be challenged and held to a higher standard is not shown to be evident in the large body of research that have studied this particular area and the proposed increased likelihood for future success have similarly not been met according to the respective findings (Daniel & King, 1997; Salend & Duhaney, 1999). On the other hand, proponents of special education settings and alternative placements who argue that their environments provide more appropriate support for students with disabilities seems to state an accurate depiction and is evidently reflected by practices common in the current special education system.
Although research have not indicated any connection between the restrictiveness of a placement and overall academic achievement (Kavale & Forness, 2000), the sheer practicality in implementing evidence-based practice and other forms of individualized instruction in settings with smaller class size means that students in special education classrooms or other more restrictive settings are less likely to encounter conflicting practices. Despite the inconclusive findings relating to academic success, another study noted that most students with disabilities felt the special education
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