Critical Evaluation Of Primary Health Care

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Question one: Identify and outline three (3) significant issues in the case study? One (1) significant issue is to be identified from each of the following areas:
Question one answer
The significant issue in primary health care identified in this case study is the fact that Joan has not had her kids immunised due to the fact she states “my kids my rules” and also she states to the nurses that her sister had told her the immunisations gave her kids autism, so there was no need point in having her kids immunised is there? As part of Primary Health Care, both Terri and Many should offer Joan some correct educational advice about the benefits for both her and the children whom have not been vaccinated. And the fact that Joan is not managing her health correctly being a type 2 diabetic.
The significant issue in ethics identified in this case study is Mandy has a poor attitude when it comes to Joan. She should not have this attitude as it is not ethical of her to be judgemental of Joan and her personal choices she makes. Mandy has no respect towards both Terri and Joan.
The significant issue in professionalism identified in this case study is the way Mandy talks and treats Joan and Terri as if they are both dumb and know nothing. Mandy’s attitude is a big issue when it comes to professionalism and the way she tells Terri advice on Joan’s case is unprofessional as it was not really said confidentially and was all said in front of Joan.
Question two: Discuss Mandy’s oversight to…

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