Critical Evaluation Of The Serious Crime Bill

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Critical Evaluation Introduction. The Serious Crime Bill takes a look at the different ways through which crime can be handled through the police and authorities. The bill looks at sentencing aims that have been created in order to handle crimes as well as help the victims. The main aim of the serious crime bill is to lower the amount of organised and serious crime that affects the UK. The costs of organised crime within the UK are £24 billion a year which is a massive effect upon the economy and has been causing problems rapidly for the authorities and the government, (, 2014). The bill was created to help keep serious crimes and organised crimes in control and to assist the local community in preventing crimes from breaking out and disrupting the rules of society. The serious crime bill looks at different types of organised crimes that occur within societies and how they can be prevented from changing laws to ensure that crimes are punished accordingly through theories such as utilitarianism or retribution. This essay will be looking at and evaluating two different initiatives that have been provided by the serious crime bill and how changing the initiatives will affect the offenders and the victims and society. “Clarifying and updating the criminal law on child cruelty”, (, 2014). The first initiative that this essay will be looking at is “Clarifying and updating the criminal law on child cruelty”. Action for Children which was a charity act for children had

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