Critical Evaluation Of Two Theories Of Leadership

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Critical Evaluation of Two Theories of Leadership Introduction At the present time, leadership, especially effective leadership plays an increasingly significant role in the organization, which can be regarded as the process of affecting activities of an organized group in its efforts forward target setting and target achievement (Daft, 2011). From this perspective, organizations in every walk of life are in pursuit of effective leadership in order to ensure the competitive advantage (Schriesheim et al., 1999). Although there is no unique definition about effective leadership, precisely, in light of Lussier & Achua (2007), there are two basic requirement on effective leadership: for one thing, effective leadership will ensure that reach the target of the group can be reached effectively; for another, leadership can impose positive influence on the group members, and motivate them to Maximum their potentials. To ensure leadership effective, several leadership theories are put forward and are adopted by different organizations. Some widely accepted theories include Trait Approach, Style Approach, Situational Approach, New Leadership Approach and Post-charismatic & Post-transformational (Western, 2013). Beyond doubt, they have their pros and cons, and they could play their role to guarantee the effectiveness of leadership as long as they are applied in an appropriate condition. With the purpose of better learning effective leadership, this essay will carry
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