Critical Evaluation of a Research Article

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Critical Evaluation of a Research Article
Leonor Mora
University of Phoenix

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to do a critical evaluation of the research article “Using to Predict Team Performance in the Work Place.” This is a study to evaluate the high performance of individuals working in teams. The study samples 129 cadets of a military college divided into 29 squads. I would do an evaluation to find if the study has a clear notion of the problem, would analyze if the study has a purpose, and if it has significance. According to researchers, sociometric can provide an alternative to other methods, and this can be studied through the use of working team. I would analyze if through the use of a sociometric questionnaire the
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Military has the strictest form of evaluating stuff and especially cadet’s performance as a team. Working together is essential to complete assignments within the military. For this reason this is the control group of the research, which is a very appropriate group, with an appropriate number of participants. A discussion arouses about whether or not sociometric is a measure of cohesion, to which there was not an agreement during the first hypothesis because there was not a significant effect with the sample, leaving to question validity and the sample use. Satisfaction made this hypothesis valid, according to the responses because members of the squads were more tend to bring the same members in if they were agreeing on the tasks performed, the ability to complete those tasks, and how the tam function together (Lucius & Kuhnert, 1996) The discoveries lead researches to believe that this study can help create more content teams and probably a more effective workforce within organizations. This sociometric study also revealed why the team of squads work together but did not revealed why some teams perform better than others. I found enough information with this study that would help me replicate. Some of that information is that I can form teams
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