Critical Evaluationg of Psychological Theories of Interpersonal Attraction

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Critical Evaluationg of Psychological Theories of Interpersonal Attraction Interpersonal Attraction suggests as attraction between people, and although it may not in terms of a romantic relationship scenario as the phrase suggests, it nethertheless suggests an important attraction to create a relationship with a particular person. It may by that we are attracted to a particular person or a social relationship because we find them pleasant or because we find life alone unpleasant or unrewarding. Schacter (1959) conducted a study in which female participants were told that they were going to receive an electric shock in a following experiment. Half of the subjects were told it would be painful and…show more content…
This has been supported by certain ‘Lonely Hearts’ advertisement analysis such as Brehm’s (1985) study where women offer and men ask for attractiveness and in Dunbar’s (1995) study in which males typically needed physical attractiveness in their partners and offered resources such as wealth and status. Other psychologists such as Ridley (1993) have also shared this socio-biological theory that individuals only exist to pass on their genes to the next generation. However, this suggests that there is no free will or self awareness in choosing social relationship partners and is heavily deterministic. In much of the research, it also presumes heterosexuality and this can be seen in particular in Dunbar’s and Brehm’s studies and in turn supports gender stereotypes which is an ethical concern. This means that the opinion of males behaviour to seek out many sexual partners is supported and explains away this behaviour easily. From this, the socio-biological theory seems to generalize animal behaviour to that of humans, and the need for reproduction and does not focus upon the real reasons as to why we form social relationships. It also presumes that sexual attraction and behaviour is ‘about’ reproduction. Many sexual unions are not directed at

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