Critical Factors For Managing And Developing People Based On My Own Experiences Essay

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Introduction: The aim of this reflective report is to identify the critical factors for managing and developing people based on my own experiences in reality. I am going to use David Kolb’s learning cycle, which are concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation(Kolb, 1984). To begin with, several relevant experiences will be described. In the middle, to identify the theories, concepts and models applied on my experiences and analyze what those can provide me with insight such as bringing me more about the different forms of leadership. Academic references would be cited during the report. Eventually, I am going to discuss how it can alter my behavior in the future and what the critical elements are for management and development of people as a conclusion. Personal experience: I was fortunate enough to study in a company during summer holidays as a intern student, I was expected to obtain the relevant working experiences which can be helpful to me on adapting fast-paced society before I graduate. What I did normally is sorting out files and receiving calls in reception. So tedious these repeated actions are that I start regretting to come until I have seen something. This happened in a recruitment, a postgraduate who named Desmond was interviewed, he showed a sense of confidence and believe he is competent to be a sale manager. However, he failed but is allowed to be the assistant if he wants. If I were him, I would not
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