Critical Film Response (Western Eyes)

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Critical Film Response (Western Eyes) The documentary film ‘Western Eyes’ by Ann Shin presents two Canadian women of Asian descent who are contemplating having plastic surgery to permanently change their looks. The aim of their surgeries was to westernize their appearances. Sharon, who is of Korean descent, wants to have eyelid surgery done to give her eyes ‘more of a fold’. Maria is of Filipino descent and was considering changing both her eyes and nose at the beginning of the film. Sharon, the eldest child in her family, was often neglected by her parents during her childhood. During the film, her mother admits to feeling guilty for not ‘being a wise and understanding mother’ and blaming Sharon for everything when she was younger. She…show more content…
Ironically, however, none of her friends or family noticed a difference in her appearance. Watching the film, neither did I. Nevertheless, I did notice a great change in the way Sharon carried herself, the way she acted in social situations and a change in her personality in general. She seemed much happier and a lot more confident. However, Sharon later admits that she used to be happy with her natural appearance but her mum’s strong encouragement of getting the surgery done convinced her otherwise. She also mentioned the word ‘hate’ a lot when she described the bus stop incident; ‘objective to that form of hate’. She then admitted that she was ‘coming to realize that she was so affected by that form of hate.’ Personally, I think that Sharon shouldn’t have gone through with the surgery, and should have addressed and dealt with the deep emotional issues that she had instead. If she then still felt like she needed to get the surgery done, she could have gone through with it after acknowledging and coming to terms with all the emotional issues tied to her decision. Although she seems a lot happier and a lot more confident on the outside, I personally think that there is still a lot of hurt and pain lurking beneath the surface of her smile. Maria, similarly, described herself as ‘not presentable’, said that she
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