Critical Incident Analysis Essay

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Contemporary Challenges in Mental Health Care Provision and Management 2 B73M20 Cohort 09/09 Student ID: 20328 Assignment: Critically analyse an incident experienced whilst in practice, allowing opportunity to explore professional responsibilities, concepts of care management and the impact of health policy/legislation on care provision. You should demonstrate fitness of practice (NMC, 2008). Submission Date: 14 May 2012 Assignment word count: 3000 Actual word count: 2967 Contents 1. Assignment 2. References 03 – 11 12 – 13 ID No: 20328 Page 2 Introduction This paper will critically analyse an incident that occurred during my placement on a forensic low secure unit. The Low secure unit provides…show more content…
Initial Responses to the incident I was surprised that there was no record of the incident and that event had not been handed over to the multidisciplinary team members who had come on shift. I thought that the nurse had not considered the incident to be a serious incident. Furthermore sexual activity, including sexual assault and harassment, does occur in psychiatric facilities and is an issue of concern (Videbeck, 2008). In this situation I felt uncomfortable when I heard the allegations however my thoughts were that it is an important issue which should not be ignored. ID No: 20328 Page 4 Issues and dilemmas highlighted by this incident Management issues Several management issues where highlighted by the incident. The analysis will focus on record keeping, effective communication, risk management and ethical issues. The day to day management issues affecting nursing practice such as record keeping, effective communication and risk management do not operate in isolation but are frequently interdependent and affect each other. The central focus will be on the observed failure by the night duty nurse to record or pass on information on Mark’s report. The Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust (2009) policy on record keeping states that a record of an event must be made immediately or within 24 hours of the occurrence. The rationale for this requirement is that an immediate record of
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