Critical Incident: Eating Food Culture

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Critical Incident: “Eating Food culture.”

Kerlos and John have been invited by Faisal and Fahad to wedding party of one of their cousins in Saudi Arabia. When the Kerlos and John arrived at the party location they founded the friends of them Faisal and Fahad welcome all guest at the gate of the wedding party. After while guest is completed and as their tradition to provide food at the beginning of the celebration before singers and music play. Kerlos and John asked to join the guest and they have a special place at important guest area and then food provide by their friends Faisal and Fahad, Huge Camel well cooked with special rice in front of them Faisal and Fahad say” This is your special welcome from our wedding party Join us our food and let’s start with this camel”. The friends ask them to provide a fork, knife and spoon to eat with them. Faisal and Fahad reply in same time “What knife and spoon just eat with your hand no spoon here”. Kerlos and John feel offended and embarrassing. Kerlos and John: “They don’t ask us if we know how to eat by hand! Real Saudi Men!” The two friends asked them to eat several times and try to show them how to enjoy eating this camel. Kerlos and John Look to the food but they don’t use hand to eat with their friends.
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They are at the food part section in the beginning of the wedding party.
Faisal and Fahad asked them to eat together the special camel with rice.
They begin to eat by their own hand.
Kerlos and John ask for fork, knife and spoon to eat with them.
They think they will bring them what they
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