Critical Incident Report

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Critical Incident Report Executive Summary This report describes a dissatisfying service incident and analyses the incident helping to develop recommendations for the serviced provider. The report integrates the description of an incident, a critical analysis of the incident, including and examinations of the service quality gaps model. Customer gap: dimensions, types of encounters and sources of displeasure and Providers Gaps 1, 3 and 4. The objective of this report is to analyse the critical incident description and provide a comprehensive service marketers’ analysis of the critical incident. Through this report recommendations have been made for the firm in order to reduce eliminate and or/ better manage the factors that led to…show more content…
Looks like your package needed to be signed for.”’ What Occurred During the Incident? After this disappointing message from my mum, I rang Sky Net World Wide, only to wait 15 minutes for my call to be taken but to also be answered by an unaccommodating and rude employee. Whilst explaining my situation to the employee I could hear him whispering to someone in the background. I ignored this and continued asking questions. The employee clearly didn’t hear me and said to me “Well I can’t do anything till you give me the consignment number”. I gave him my number and sharply he said “Can’t get it there till Monday afternoon sometime, you should have been home to sign for it”. Saddened not only by not receiving my purchase but the treatment I received over the phone I asked to be transferred to their complaints department. He then replied with “sorry, complaints department is closed after hours, you have to call back Monday.” And then hung up. After the phone call thinking I would receive my package on Monday “afternoon sometime”. However, did not happen. I rang Sky Net World Wide again, this time spoke with a nice employee that then informed me that the employee I spoke with on Friday night had sent the package back to the wrong depo meaning the package was not able to be sent. He then apologised and detailed that he wasn’t able to refund me the purchasing and handling price, but did ensured me it would arrive by Tuesday 10am
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