Critical Incidents Of Academic Institutions

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Critical Incidents in Academic Institutions The critical incident technique is used to gather and analyze an employees behavior through methods such as observation and interviews (Andersson & Nilsson,1964). This technique is useful in collecting information regarding behavior that amounts to successful or unsuccessful in a performance (Peterson, & Jeanneret, 2007). The procedures utilized in the critical incident technique allows for the similarities, differences and patterns of behaviors to be analyzed. This process aids in the solving of problems, and establishing principles (Hughes, Williamson, & Lloyd, 2007; Flanagan, 1954). According to Shapira-Lishchinsky (2010), utilizing critical incident reports in schools assist in enabling the management of errors, support and autonomy, which in turn reduces ethical friction. In regard to the school setting, critical incidents include minor incidents that occur daily in schools. Because of the nature of the job, middle school teachers can face critical incidents that involve both moral and ethical conflict (Shapira-Lishchinsky, 2010). However, the classification or weather it is negative or positive is based on the meaning given by a teacher, observer, etc. Nonetheless, critical incidents and behaviors are important to identify as it can be detrimental to a teachers professional career (Shapira-Lishchinsky, 2010). One example of a positive critical incident for the middle school teacher is teachers who behavior demonstrates
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