Critical Issues Paper Of Testing Equality

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Critical Issues Paper of Testing Equality
Megan Randle
University of North Texas

The diagnosis of students of autism brings long-term effects that can increase the functionality of the child 's life. As we know, early diagnosis is key producing long-term effects whenever families and parents are diligent in getting their children help. Throughout the diagnosis process, it is imperative to take every element into account. Considerations such as race, culture, and socioeconomic status may affect the validity and reliability of the test. Although the test can be administered exactly as it should be, there are many different characteristics of the child in their upbringing that can affect the outcome of the results.
Whether a diagnosis of autism, or diagnosis of another disability is to be made, interventions can be developed to add the child 's “tool belt” on their waist of life. Research shows that the early intervention can highly impact the likelihood of success (Krader, 2014). The American Academy of pediatric tells us that the diagnosis procedure should start in children between 18 and 24 months. With the essential screening process, recommendations can be used to begin intervention and start the help that the child needs. As we have seen through research, not all children receive testing that proves equality (Krader, 2014).
Beginning diagnosis and testing process can be very intimidating to the parents, especially if this is their first
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