Critical Issues With Developing Reading Skills Essay

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The Critical Issues with Developing Reading Skills in Children
Developing reading skills in children has become a vital component in formal education. Scholars argue that when the child is exposed to some amount of reading it is a step towards the child becoming a good reader. As a result, many educators today continue to support that it is important to become a proficient reader which will be by reading widely and frequently. However, there have been arising issues that have become obstacles in gaining reading proficiency. This paper will explore the critical issues with developing reading skills in children from preschool to high school level. The emphasis will be in the identification of most known aspects in programs designed to help in the development of reading skills.
Reading skills are equally important as compared to any other skills, which a person should develop. The reading skills in this case need to be developed from adolescence, which gradually enhances throughout the life. Reading and learning are closely connected to each with the interface being the interpretation. It is a general fact that our brain grasps things for a longer time if it can interpret what is being read (Sanjay, 2011).
Studies have been conducted to determine how an implementation of instruction directly affects student literacy. Emphasis has been placed on understanding the critical issues in the literacy practices in children 's language and the implications it
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