Critical Justice Process Video Series

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1) From Module one; the Critical Justice Process video series describe what you learned and illustrate at least 3 topic points from any one of the series. The information I collected from watching the video series would be that during the criminal justice process every little detail counts for something. If one misses anything that case at hand could disappear in a heartbeat. Starting with the arrest of a suspect, which to make that arrest a police officer has to have probable cause. Next after the arrest has been made the prosecutor takes over to try and get the suspect on trial as fast as he or she can. The department of corrections then goes in to make sure all the paperwork is filled out correct and complete, this process will make everyone else 's jobs much easier. After everything is finished the inmate is sent to prison and is met by the warren who tells he or she how their prison is ran. When the prisoner is up for parole the board of parole comes in the picture and has the job to decide whether to let the inmate out on parole or not. In the Criminal Justice video, “A file of that certain inmate is passed around, and the parole board will then make make a vote on whether the parole is approved or not there vote being 3 to 2” (Criminal Justice Process). In the Criminal Justice Process video one topic that i found was that the parole board do not trying to set the inmate up for failure they allaround just want what is best for the inmate. Another topic at hand is

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