Critical Limb Ischemi Acute Presentation Of Peripheral Arterial Disease

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Critical limb ischemia is severe presentation of peripheral arterial disease. The incidence of Critical limb ischemia could increase with age and atherosclerotic risk factors such as, diabetes, cigarette smoking, obesity or hypertension .The prevalence of critical limb ischemia is approximately 12% in the adult population especially men compared to women (Davies 2012). Critical limb ischemia could lead to insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the affected tissues compromising limb viability. Manifestation of this disease include, claudication, rest pain or tissue loss.
Critical limb ischemia could affect the functional capacity a decrease in overall well-being and quality of life due to reduced blood flow and a typical
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2013). Nevertheless, Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and Bare-metal stents failed to demonstrate durability because of the high rate of restenosis following endovascular procedure which could occur early after treatment (Falkowski et al. 2009)

The lack of recognized durable antirestontic result after plain balloon angioplasty lead to the investigation of alternative procedures. After the success of drug-eluting stents in decreasing coronary restenosis after percutaneous coronary interventions, drug-eluting stent was recommended as salvage procedure in case of Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty failure (Rosales, Mathewkutty & Gnaim 2008).

Stent devices were invented in the 1980s and refined in the 1990s. Stenting techniques have transformed and expanded the therapeutic capabilities of angioplasty. There are two classification for stents based on their mode of deployment balloon-expandable and self-expandable. Stents are small mesh tubes which inserted to keep arteries open after angioplasty procedure. Drug -eluting stents have a polymer coating over mesh. This Polymer coatings have been proven to be durable and deliver drug in a uniform and controlled way ( White, Hollier 2007).

This essay is aim to assess the effectiveness of Drug-eluting stent on long-term limb preservation of infrapopliteal vessel patency in patients with Critical limb ischemia due to below the knee arterial obstructive disease.
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