Critical Media Analysis

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Micaela Flanigan February 18, 2013 Critical Media Analysis The advertisement being analyzed is from Amitron and is selling a woman’s watch. The advertisement was found in Marie Claire magazine, which is a publication for women and pertains to topics such as fashion, style, beauty, women’s issues, and health issues. Marie Claire is ranked as number 87 in circulation and 988,418 magazines were circulated as of 2012. The estimated advertising rate for Marie Claire is $79,760. The primary target demographics of the readership are women ages 18 and older. To find publishing information, I referred to Marie Claire’s website and it address the subject matter of the publication. The Gaebler aided in finding information pertaining to…show more content…
The power of the advertisement comes from the woman, not from the watch. She is portrayed as being happy, relaxed, and carefree. It is interesting that the woman isn’t shown wearing the watch. Rather than promote the watch itself, the woman’s appearance is emphasized. The idea that “men act and women appear” is directly emphasized in this advertisement (Berger, 1977). Her rosy cheeks and wide smile attribute to the idea of a carefree lifestyle. In relation to the history of advertising, this advertisement falls under the typographic culture. There is little emphasis on the text, rather, on the image of the product being advertised (Postman, 1985). There is hardly any text to explain the product; rather the woman does the explaining. Her facial expression is the focal selling point of the advertisement. The overall message of the advertisement is to somewhat difficult to decode. There is some ambiguity in figuring out the underlying message, however. The main purpose of the advertisement is to sell a woman’s watch. The underlying interpretation is that by buying this expensive watch, one will have time for more enjoyable activities and lead a stress-free life. When scanning through magazines to find a suitable advertisement, this particular one didn’t stand out to me. It was relatively simple to decipher, not extremely flashy or controversial. However, after glancing back at it, the key point of interest were the words, “Snow Angels: 2:48
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