Critical Note On Critical Thinking

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Kristen Hofner
Final Assignment on Critical Thinking

The key variable in determining the quality of what I learn in college is due to my thinking. My professors have played a role in my learning, with some of them helping me learn more than others, but even the best professors will be very little help to me if I’m deficient in the critical intellectual skills essential for learning. Over the semester I have seen significant improvement in my time management skills and reasoning and writing skills. Combining the hours spent between studying and online classes, most of my spare time each week is devoted to academic pursuits. Returning to college to pursue my bachelor’s reminds me of how complex reasoning and written communication skills is the foundation of a college education. This semester has been challenging for me to manage my time, as I notice that the demands of my classes require a higher level of reading and writing.
Additionally, there have been instances where I have been a casualty of my own thinking, and hurt rather than helped by it. At my worst, my thinking can be a source of my stress, inhibiting me from acknowledging my opportunities, preventing me from expending energy where it will be beneficial, tainting relationships, and leading me in the wrong direction. I have noted that inadequate thinking predictably causes issues, misuses my time and effort, and can be a source of pain and frustration. My goal is to work on what I find are my greatest…
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