Critical Opinion On Critical Thinking

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In our daily lives, we face various challenges that require solutions. Most of the time we are able to solve these problems with minimum effort, at other times, however, the problems may be more complex and solutions to them may not be readily available. This will present us with various challenges and may require us to employ critical thinking. Critical thinking is an important skill burden of responsibility of ensuring the problems of a contemporary society are understood and well interpreted and a solution presented. As long as he or she resides in a contemporary society, he or she, must, therefore, ensure that he or she meets this responsibility. People who engage in critical thinking tend to provide good evidence and reasoning for the opinions they hold. Critical thinking also enables people to provide reasons for their actions. This research paper presents a critical analysis of the importance or the role that critical thinkers play in dealing with societal issues related to family relations and dynamics. Theses issues include, but are not limited to, teen violence, physical abuse, depression, and suicide. The paper tries to define critical thinking and family and then it goes ahead to illustrate how critical thinking can help to solve these problems that surround family relations and dynamics. According to David hunter, although many definitions for critical thinking exist, Robert Ennis’ definition of critical thinking as a reasonable, reflective thinking…
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