Critical Opinion On Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is something I use on a daily basis as a nurse. To think critically, you recognize an issue, collect data, gather information to support it, analyze that data, evaluate it, and decide what to do about it. According to Creasia & Friberg (2011), “nursing education is shifting from a purely problem-solving approach to one in which critical reflection mediates the relationship between knowledge and action” (p. 215). As a nurse, you learn all of the “skills” throughout the years, but you also need to learn how to assess a situation and possibly make a quick decision, which is critical thinking. Critical thinking ability has been significantly correlated with nursing competence (Chang, Chang, Kuo, Yang, & Chou, 2011, p. 3228). I believe some people have these skills, but they can also be learned with experience. I often look at critical thinking skills when I interview potential new staff. In home health care, one needs to have excellent critical thinking skills as you are out on the road working autonomously, seeing patients in their home. I recently interviewed a nurse, who was fairly new with less than a year experience. As I gave her a scenario about a patient who she found in respiratory distress as she arrived to the home and asked her how she intervene in that particular situation, she stated that she would do a complete assessment and check vital signs, call to see if there were other co-workers in the area who could assist her, call the…
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