Critical Pedagogy And How It Benefit The Educational System

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Critical Pedagogy Primer by Joe Kincheloe presents interesting insight on critical pedagogy as he explained how this is relevant within our educational system. Reading this article helped me gain more of an understanding of critical pedagogy and how it benefits the educational system. Kincheloe (2004) said, “proponents of critical pedagogy understand that every dimension of schooling and every form of educational practice is a politically contested space. Shaped by history and challenged by a wide range of interest groups, educational practice is a fuzzy concept as it takes place in numerous settings, is shaped by a plethora of often-invisible forces, and can operate even in the name of democracy and justice to be totalitarian and oppressive.” Historically, the process of education has been a part of the political sphere for better or for worse as our educational system is a reflection of our society’s current political state. Ideally, when education professionals are acting within their purposeful agency, the traditional ideolgies and political slants are threatened. An example of when educational professionals are acting within their purposeful agency is when I was an In-School Dentention Teacher (ISD) at a particular school in Toledo Public Schools (TPS). During my time of being an ISD Teacher I was an independent contractor through JLJ Vision Outreach. When we negotiated any contracted services, we colaborated with administrators in the creation of the program…
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