Critical Pedagogy And The Reggio Emilia

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Critical pedagogy and The Reggio Emilia approach on play based learning should be merged into early childhood education as obtaining the skills to critically analyze and problem solve has the potential to change society and thus the potential to change the world.
It is important individuals become aware of what critical pedagogy is. Critical pedagogy stems from the idea that there is an unequal social structure in our society which is based upon class, race and gender. It has been formulated and influenced by many psychologists and philosophers including John Dewey and Paulo Freire. Critical pedagogy is an attempt at freedom from oppression through democratic critical thinking. In critical pedagogy the knowledge learned within the classroom should correlate with and not be separated from any social structure, culture, politics, economics or any ideology taking place with society. The idea is, that in order to orchestrate change, individuals must become aware of the social, cultural, ideological, and or economic influence exerted upon society. Once the individual becomes aware of the hegemony taking place they can then analyze their situation and implement change for the greater good.
John Dewey born October 20th, 1859 was an American psychologist and philosopher. He was known well for his avocation in democracy and his theories on progressive education which correlate and transition into critical pedagogy. His theories focused on the argument that learning and education are…
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